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  • Varivas Avani EGING Fluorocarbon Shock Leader TI-F

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    Varivas’ original double coat: Fluoride (SP-T) and Titanium (Tic), successfully improved line surface is extremely smooth
    with dramatic knot resistance.

    It helps anglers to Egi (Squid) in all surroundings and natural structures (e.g. sea weed and rocks).

    Also great for Bream fisherman fishing around structure.

    It comes with a portable spool which is a specially designed model along with original spool bands in each size.

    Parallel rolling avoids crushed yarns.


  • Varivas Fluorocarbon Shock Leader

    0 out of 5

    Varivas are a world leader when it comes to all things fishing line. Varivas fluorocarbon Shock Leader is an exceptional choice if you demand the best from your leader material.

    Varivas 100% Fluorocarbon Shock Leader is arguably one of the toughest leader materials available for casting or jigging.

    The Fluorocarbon Shock Leader has a small amount of stretch to absorb the shock from hard hitting fish. It has great strength and high abrasion resistance and it comes complete with a different colour spool band on each size to organize your leaders in your tackle box easily.

    Product Features:

    • Varivas’ Fluorocarbon shock leader is available in a comprehensive range of sizes for all Game fishing applications.
    • Varivas’ unique ‘non-stress’ coating, coupled with their ‘SP-T’ super tough coating results in the perfect balance of low-stretch and ultra-high sensitivity for superior lure control.
    • Each spool comes with a different colour coded band on each size
    • Made in Japan