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  • Bait and Burley

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    We stock a range of Frozen Bait from WA Bait Supply together with Burley Products (Pollard, Fish Oil and Pre-Mixed Burley).

    We keep a range of typically required baits such as:

    • Bony Herring;
    • Coral and River Prawns;
    • Local Squid (500 grams or 1KG);
    • Lunds Squid;
    • USA Squid in 2KG Boxes
    • Mulies in 1KG IQF Bags or 2KG Blocks;
    • Octopus (subject to availablility);
    • Mullet
    • Gardies (subject to availablility);
    • Scalies;
    • White Bait

    If you have a preference for bait, give us a call and we can discuss what we can do for you.

    Cray Bait is also available – please contact us to see what is in stock.

    We are happy to quote bulk orders for fishing trips individually.

  • Cray Bait – Bulk

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    Frozen Bulk Cray Bait from WA Bait Supply.

    All cray bait is subject to availability.


    • 20KG Whole Blue Mackerel
    • 25KG Whole Blue Mackerel
    • 20KG Hoki Heads
    • 15KG Orange Roughy Heads
    • 20KG Orange Roughy Heads
    • 20KG Mulie Trap Bait
    • 20KG Tuna Heads

    Cray bait can be ordered as required if the supplier has it in stock, please contact as to confirm your needs