• Aubrey Da Gama Teflon Plugs

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    South African made – Aubrey Da Gama Tefflon Plugs

    The difference with these plugs is that the plug moves on the leader, so there is less chance of losing a fish once hooked up and it starts jumping or tail walking.
    All are pre-rigged with leader, swivel and a treble, but hooks can be changed to suit.
    They have been used to catch; Kingfish, Giant Trevally, Queen Fish, Amberjack, Tarpon, Various Tuna Species, Barracuda and Snapper.
    Colours available are; Blue Mack, Fire tiger, Pink Mack, Red Head and Yellow.
  • Richter Clones

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    We bought the last available stock in Australia


    Clone Casting Minnows – perfect for Australian Salmon and Tailor  and many other species that can be taken on lures.


    Check the Clone Lures Face Book page for photos of the range of fish that these lures have caught Clone Lures.


    The Barra in the photo was about 85cm and it was taken on a Yellow, the huge Dorado was taken on a Red Head and the nice Mulloway taken on a Pink from a South Australian beach.


  • Richter Pelacus Sea Iron Stainless Steel Lures

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    The Sea Iron lures are hand polished and made from marine grade stainless steel.

    They have exceptional strength and with their new mirror finish and hard bodies they achieve a great hook up rate and are a dream to cast.

    The Casting lure has a slender body with a more consistent action on the retrieve.
    Available in weights of; 28, 42, 56, 84 and 112 grams

    The Super Sprat has a unique body giving it an excellent action on the retrieve.
    Available in weights of; 21, 45 and 60 grams.

    A unique action makes sure that all of these lures produce great results, whether fishing light or taking on the the big gun pelagic species.

  • Richter Plugs

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    Richter Plugs are a simple yet very effective casting lure that are nearly indestructible.

    They are favourites with anglers for their great action whilst being retrieved. They are the go to lure in any conditions.

    Available in 5 sizes from 0.5 oz through to 5 Oz (78mm to 138mm long).

    4 Colours available; White, Chartreuse, Pink and Yellow.

    Check out this video for proof of how well these work 

  • Richter UV Bait Runner Weighted Skirt Lure

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    The Bait Runner is a weighted skirt which enables you to swim baits at the speed of your choice whilst protecting the bait.

    They track well in all conditions and the UV Colours create an added attraction to the bait.

    Available in Blue, Green, Pink or Purple.

    They weigh 60 grams, before adding your bait which is pushed into the head of the lure and the skirt goes over the bait.

  • Sea Iron Taunter – Stainless Steel Spoon Lures

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    If you like your Halco’s and other spoon type lures, check out these awesome Sea Iron Taunters.

    They are made from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Split Rings and Mustad Hooks – some with singles and some with trebles.

    Skip them across the surface or let them sink to work water columns.

  • Snap Bait Triple Threat

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    All Snap Bait Triple Threats have a Custom Designed jig head which enables a nose first free fall effect and greater hydrodynamics whilst retrieving.

    They all have a silver glitter effect to resemble the light reflection of scales underwater.

    All are made with UV silk thread bound around each hook coated with Resin for ultimate water proofing and protection.

    110 Gram to 155 Gram assists are made with:

    • A Green lumo skirt
    • 250lb Kevlar assist cord,
    • 3 x 3/0 High Carbon Forged Deep V hooks

    205 Gram and over assists are made with:

    • A Green lumo skirt
    • 250lb Kevlar assist cord,
    • 3 x 6/0 High Carbon Forged Deep V hooks
  • SQUIDEE (Soft Plastic Squid)

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    Someone please think of the Squids!

    Squid, there’s not too many fish swimming that would turn down a feed of fresh calamari. And who can blame them, they’re delicious.

    But with a lifespan of only a year these tasty cephalopods should be out living their best life, not drowning in a pool of their own ink on a super trawler to end up as a box of stinky bait.

    Next time you head out fishing, instead of going for that same dirty old bait, consider a Squidee.

    These squid imitation soft plastics are made of super durable ‘tooth proof’ TPE material, allowing you to catch fish after fish on the same lure without having to re-rig.

    Packed with squid scentUV and glow colours as well as the Squidee’s unique flaps that imitate a fleeing squid when moving and has a defensive cephalopod pose at rest.

    Each packet has three (3) Squidees in it.

    Save a life today, use Squidees.


    • 4.5″/12cm
    • Buoyant
    • Scented
    • UV and Glow Colours